Swiss Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Submariner Collections

rolex submariner swiss replica
rolex submariner swiss replica

When you want to go to choose a favorite rolex watch, in addition to the exclusive shop or rolex website are the normal ways to check the watch model and price, rolex BBS is also a good place worth a visit, where you can understand the watch information, can share watch life with many watches friends. What is the normally-seen Rolex BBS? Rolex watch let a person fondle admiringly.The classic rolex brand and the rolex watches models that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, have got a lot of love and the favour of people.When it comes to the watch fans that love watches, they must also will perform on the BBS, or share notes about the watches with watches fans. When it comes to rolex watches, I also can’t help sharing a few rolex watches with friends here. The elaborate and  remarkable appearance and craft of the Rolex watches make people have a special liking to it.

ROLEX Submariner 116610LN Black Mechanical Man Watch

Known as “black water ghost”, the ROLEX Submariner 116610LN Black Mechanical Man Watch is fashionable and joker. The black unidirectional rotary 60 minutes scale outer bezel matching with black large dial, and the domineering Mercedes pointers, extremely creative calibration time scale and convex lens date display small window being beautiful and moving on the dial, easy design and rolex classic craft – all perfectly deduce out the unique features of the Rolex brand and let a person fondle admiringly.

ROLEX Submariner116610-LV-97200 Green Mechanical Man Watch

On the Rolex BBS, this “green water ghost” is a famous one which cannot without mentioning. Its green big dial is attractive, and even its 60 minutes time scale watch outer bezel is also green color, matching with silver watch strap to make the whole line is capable and experienced to be loved by the watch fans. It is carrying with the Rolex 3135 self-winding movement with 300 meters waterproof function.

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